Your Financial Life

Your Financial Life

It’s time to get personal.

Lets work together to really uncover what’s happening in your financial life. If you’re working hard to accumulate assets it may be difficult to see what spending down assets during retirement looks like. If you’re about to retire, then enjoying your life and not worrying about outliving your assets should be your focus. No matter what stage you’re in, the PTC team will help make your goals a financial reality.

“We offer a level of service that is personal, positive, and professional. It starts with sitting down and getting to know each other. You’ll be treated like family and we’ll earn the highest possible level of trust.”
– Amelia Kurtz, CTFA, Chief Executive Officer

When we say talk, we mean listen.

We are going to get to know you by listening to your dreams, your goals, and your needs. Our firm will always place your interests ahead of ours.

“I thought I was all set using a brokerage firm. The idea of wealth management seemed unnecessary and expensive. It turns out we needed a more focused and personal approach to my assets and planning, and are actually paying less for these services. Thank you both.”-Pat and Donna

This is the most common comment we get after we are able to engage and review your financial accounts. This relates to fees as well as the actual investments in the portfolio. Clients enjoy professional, investment management they may not have considered available or affordable to them previously.

“My husband and I sleep better knowing that we are in good hands at Portland Trust Company. Not only did they address all of our specific concerns about being able to retire, but their planning included our whole picture. They really helped us see how it all fits together. Very helpful and comforting for us in our lifetime and knowing our grandchild will be provided for in the future.”
-Jan and Niel

We are here to help your dreams live on – as you envisioned in your estate plan. We treat clients like part of the family and in tough times we’ll be right there to help.

“I love what you have done with our portfolios! … 100% comfortable and satisfied with what you have us invested in…and you have access and knowledge of investment vehicles I would never had knowledge of.”
-Jay and Diane

The discussion about the portfolio really comes to life when you see the investment options. No two situations are the same and our team will work with you to create a plan to specifically meet your needs.

We’re driven to understand and inspired to deliver what you need to manage your wealth.