Trust and Fiduciary Services

Trust <span>and</span> Fiduciary Services

Using trusts strategically to preserve and protect assets.

Trusts can provide peace of mind for a variety of situations, including disabled family members, spendthrift beneficiaries, leaving assets to children from a prior marriage, protecting assets in the event of divorce… not to mention avoiding probate and managing tax scenarios. Working with a corporate trustee will remove the emotional burden from family members and ensure an objective decision making process. Put your trust in Portland Trust Company.

Taking trusts from the dusty shelf of tax relief tactics and moving them to a dynamic and powerful component of a total wealth management solution is truly a benefit for our clients.

What We Offer

A full range of trust administration services:

Most states have adopted the Uniform Trust Code, which provides for the transfer of trust administration from another state to right here in Maine. Portland Trust Company can facilitate this quick and easy transfer process.

Trust and Fiduciary Services:

PTC understands Maine’s fiduciary laws. Times change, and circumstances change, and we will be there to guide you through. Our approach to implementing the trust creator’s intent is a realistic, common sense approach that you will understand and appreciate.

Special Needs Trusts:

PTC has extensive experience managing special needs trusts for families seeking to preserve the few, but precious, benefits the government provides. Whether you have a family member who received a debilitating injury, or wish to provide support for someone living with a life-altering diagnosis, PTC can serve as trustee, removing some of the stress from the situation. It’s what we love to do.

Trusteed IRAs:

Most baby boomers accumulate the majority of their retirement assets in a plan such as a 401(k) or 403(b). Upon retirement, these assets may be rolled over in to an individual retirement account (IRA). Our Trusteed IRA will allow you maximum flexibility of investments during your lifetime and in the timing and manner of distributions from your account following your death. Let us help you understand the law and how it can work for you.