Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

You’ll love our All Weather Portfolio.

Our All Weather Portfolio was specifically created to achieve competitive rates of return with a reduced level of risk. Designed for those clients approaching or already in retirement, this strategy is also well-suited for any clients worried about outliving their assets.

How can you be sure your investments really are aligned with your risk tolerance? PTC is dedicated to both the art and science of enhancing and protecting wealth. Making sure we both understand your true objectives and risk tolerance, we then balance performance objectives to fit your unique goals.

The Portland Trust Company Investment Philosophy

Our proprietary investment management process is tuned to client expectations and the uncertainty, as well as opportunities, of market movements. We’re positioned to offer both diversification and non- correlation across a wide range of asset classes. Our goal is to provide you with competitive rates of returns from a portfolio that will allow you to sleep at night.

Portfolio Strategies Include:
  • Active and Passive Disciplines
  • Equity Growth and Income Models
  • Uncorrelated or Market Neutral Alternatives
  • Lower Volatility Options
  • Asset Class or Industry Exclusion Strategies
  • Single and/or Multi-Manager Approaches

Investment Management Services Include:

  • Individualized Portfolios
  • Access to a bench of professionals with real-life answers
  • Easy access to banking and lending solutions
  • 24/7 Online Access and Reporting


Our goal is to position our clients so they can realize the returns the markets are capable of providing, while considering their personal risk tolerance and time horizon.