Nonprofits and

Nonprofits <span>and</span><br />Endowments

Your mission is our mantra.

We understand first-hand the rewards and challenges of operating as a non-profit in the State of Maine. We have served on numerous non-profit Boards and volunteered for many organizations ourselves. There are common themes that are always present notwithstanding all of the good work that you and your organization do. They include: how to carry out your mission, make your endowment work the way it should, and how to smooth out the revenue peaks and troughs of your operating budget.

These are common questions. PTC can help.

“Non Profits need to be viewed through a different lens. By their very nature, they need to be run more efficiently than any for profit business in order to survive. We balance the push and pull of short term demands with the extremely long-term goal of keeping the organization strong and meeting its mission.”
– James MacLeod, President & Amelia Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer

Is your endowment working as hard as you are?

  • Do outdated performance benchmarks still have you on the right track?
  • Do you need Investment and Spending Policy revisions?
  • Are you interested in lower volatility investment options?
  • Would you like better reporting and communications?

Low Volatility Approach to Investments

As a fiduciary, we understand the responsibility you have to prudently steward your organization’s assets today, and for years to come. Our specialized portfolio management is designed to participate meaningfully in positive markets while avoiding full participation in downturns. Used by large family offices and institutional clients for years, we have now made it available to a far broader universe of organizations that can benefit from this portfolio structure.

Short-term Liquidity Needs

How are you managing the ebbs and flows in your operating account? We have solutions you can rely on to smooth out your cash flow.

Planned Giving Tools and Techniques

We know that you create and build a culture of giving with your supporters. We have a solution to help you be as efficient and focused as possible. Our team members have helped numerous organizations build deliberate and sustainable planned giving initiatives.