Municipal and
Government Services

Municipal <span>and</span><br />Government Services

Wealth Management services for Municipal and Government Institutions.

Maine’s municipal and government institutions have unique planning, reporting, and investment needs. Our team at Portland Trust Company has extensive experience serving these specific clients. Our approach is similar to how we work with individuals and families —understanding the need comes first —and then cost effectively addressing it. Efficient, timely, accurate and productive. It’s what we do because we know that’s what our clients need and expect.

We know what Maine institutions are looking for. And, we have the experience to get them there.

What we offer.

Professional Investment Management Services

Times have changed . . . have you evaluated your investment needs in the current environment? We’ll help you review your investment policy and manage your investments within its scope, as well as Maine law. Our goal is to make your account as productive as possible within the confines of your permissible investment universe.

Pooled Accounting and Customized Reporting

We will work with you to consolidate multiple accounts into an efficient, single reporting system that presents segmented funds with beginning and ending values, additions and subtractions, and realized and unrealized gains and losses.

Corporate Trustee and Paying Agent Services

For those entities that rely on public markets for financing, Portland Trust Company can serve as your bond trustee and paying agent and keep these important functions right here in the State of Maine.

Workers Compensation and Unemployment Trusts

PTC personnel have extensive experience as a Trustee, Investment Manager, and Custodian for these trusts which are unique and subject to Maine’s specific insurance regulations.

Trustee For Cemetery and Charitable Trusts

Most states, including Maine, have adopted the Uniform Trust Code which makes it easy to move a trust from an out-of-state provider to Maine. If you are not receiving the service you need from your current trustee, give us a call and put your trust in Portland Trust Company.